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What's On

See what's on at the Observatory Science Centre in 2024.

Stargazing Evenings

Come and enjoy the fabulous atmosphere that surrounds the Observatory at night and, weather permitting look through some of the largest telescopes in the country at some extraordinary night sky objects. Don't worry if it is cloudy we have a cloudy night contingency.

Perseids Shooting Stars

10 August 2024. As Earth passes through the debris trail left behind by comet Swift-Tuttle, particles of space dust enter the atmosphere leaving a trail of light behind; a shooting star. Join us for an informative talk to learn more about this fascinating yearly event. If the weather is good you will also have the opportunity to view through the historic telescopes.

Astronomy Festival

August 30 & 31 and September 1 2024: Whether just for a day or for the whole weekend come and join us and soak up the fantastic atmosphere of our fabulous Science Centre and Observatory. Lots of fun for families and keen astronomers alike!

The Chemistry Lab

Wednesday 21 August: Full day workshop for age 9-11 years. Chemistry is definitely fun, especially when trying to find out what goes with a bang! Come and try some fabulous chemistry experiments and see some spectacular demonstrations.

Cool Chemistry

Tuesday 20 August: Full day workshop for 6-8 years old. Find out what makes things fizz, bang and pop in some crazy chemistry experiments. It's full on fun and you get to try the experiments yourself as well as watching some pretty spectacular demonstrations.

Your Body: How it Works!

13 August: Half day workshops for 6-8 years and 9-11 years. The body is amazing! From your brain to your big toe there is so much stuff packed in that keeps us alive. How does it all work together? Come and find out on this journey from your head to your heels and all the bits in between.

World of Colour

6 August: Half day workshop for 6-8 year olds. We see our beautiful planet in millions of colours. Join us in a journey of discovery through experiments and science fun to observe how eyes can see in different ways and why. 

Our Sensational Solar System

7 August: Half day workshops for ages 6-8 and 9-11 years. Our Solar System is sensational! Every planet is different; hot, cold, solid or made of gas or ice. Why are they so different? What makes Earth look so blue and Mars look so red? What else is in the solar system? How big is it? Come and find out with some amazing activities. Can we land on the planets? Design and make a spacecraft to land an egg safely on the surface of another planet like Mars. You never know astronauts may go there one day.