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See what's on at the Observatory Science Centre in 2021.

Perseids Shooting Stars

£22.00 per Adult

12 August 2023. As Earth passes through the debris trail left behind by comet Swift-Tuttle, particles of space dust enter the atmosphere leaving a trail of light behind; a shooting star. Join us for an informative talk to learn more about this fascinating yearly event. If the weather is good you will also have the opportunity to view through the historic telescopes.

Astronaut Academy

£13.75 per Child

3 August: Half day workshop for either ages 6 - 8 years or 9-11 years. What does it take to become an astronaut? We will investigate with some exciting activities to discover the challenges faced when reaching space.

Rocket Science

£13.75 per Child

2nd August - Half day workshops for either ages 6-8 years or 9-11 years. How does such a huge rocket actually get off the ground? Why does it "break up" and where do the astronauts sit? Come and find out in this fascinating and fabulously fun workshop and you even get to build and launch your own water rocket.

The Chemistry Lab

£26.75 per Child

17th August - Full day workshop for 9-11 years old. Chemistry is definitely fun, especially when trying to find out what goes with a bang! Come and try some fabulous chemistry experiments and see some spectacular demonstrations.

Red Planet, Blue Planet

£13.75 per Child

23rd August - half day workshops for 6-8 years old: How many planets are in our solar system? Are they all the same? What makes Earth look so blue and Mars look so red? Come and find out about the planets with some amazing activities, then design and make a spacecraft to land an egg safely on the surface of another planet like Mars. You never know astronauts may go there one day.

Cool Chemistry

£26.75 per Child

16th August - full day workshop for 6-8 years old. Find out what makes things fizz, bang and pop in some crazy chemistry experiments. It's full on fun and you get to try the experiments yourself as well as watching some pretty spectacular demonstrations.

Alien Life

£13.75 per Child

9th August - half day workshops for either ages 6-8 years or 9-11 years. There are some weird creatures here on Earth. They live in all sorts of strange places where humans would not survive. Could there be life beyond Earth? Would it be the same? Let's try and find out if it's possible.


Spectacular Science

Body Works

£13.75 per Child

24 August: The body is amazing! From your brain to your big toe there is so much stuff packed in that keeps us alive. How does it all work together? Come and find out on this journey from your head to your heels and all the bits in between.

World of Colour

£13.75 per Child

10 August: We see our beautiful planet in millions of colours. Join us in a journey of discovery through experiments and science fun to observe how eyes can see in different ways and why.