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Astronomers at Herstmonceux: in their own words


Now available: 2022 reprint!

For forty years, Herstmonceux in Sussex was the home of one of the world's great scientific institutions, the Royal Greenwich Observatory.  More than 200 people worked there and lived in the local community.

'In their own words' this book recaptures the flavour of life at The Observatory, recorded in the personal recollections of people who spent much of their working lives there.  It tells of freezing nights at the telescopes of the Equatorial Group, of days spent compiling essential tables for the Nautical Almanac before computers were available, and many other aspects of the astronomers' everyday life and work.

It is a lively and engaging record of a unique - and now vanished- way of life and abounds in anecdotes:
Why did one astonomer's trousers catch fire?
Whose observations were interrupted by blood-chilling screams?


68 pages, paperback.  Editor Anthony Wilson.
Science Projects Publishing.  ISBN 978 0 9512394 1 4 

2022 reprint exclusively available from The Observatory Science Centre.