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See what's on at the Observatory Science Centre in 2021.

Winter Comets and Curry

£42.00 per Adult

12th November 2022. The debris left behind by the comet Tempel-Tuttle gives rise to the Leonids meteor shower. Join us for a warming curry and informative talk before heading out to try and spot some meteors (shooting stars). If the weather is good you will also have an opportunity to look through an historic telescope; we have some of the largest working telescopes in the country.

Stargazing Evenings

Come and enjoy the fabulous atmosphere that surrounds the Observatory at night and, weather permitting look through some of the largest telescopes in the country at some extraordinary night sky objects. Don't worry if it is cloudy we have a cloudy night contingency.


Spectacular Science

Introduction to Astronomy

£78.00 per Adult

3-24 November 2021: New for this year! This 4 week evening course is aimed at beginners. You will be introduced to the fascinating world of astronomy in an easy to understand way, learning all about what is beyond our little blue planet.