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See what's on at the Observatory Science Centre in 2024.

Stargazing Evenings

Come and enjoy the fabulous atmosphere that surrounds the Observatory at night and, weather permitting look through some of the largest telescopes in the country at some extraordinary night sky objects. Don't worry if it is cloudy we have a cloudy night contingency.

Fun with Chemistry

£15.50 per Child

Tuesday 9 April 2024 - half day workshops for ages 6-8 years. What is chemistry? It’s exciting, fascinating and above all great fun. We will be experimenting with solids, liquids and gases and while the workshop is designed so the children can carry out the experiments themselves, there will be demonstrations too. Join us and try some seriously fun experiments!

Discover Chemistry

£15.50 per Child

Wednesday 10 April 2024: Half day workshops for ages 9-11 years. With exciting experiments to try yourself, these fun-filled workshops will help you discover just how cool chemistry can be. We will be experimenting with solids, liquids and gases and finding out just what happens when different chemicals mix.

Astronaut Academy

£15.50 per Child

Tuesday 2 April 2024: Half day workshop for either ages 6 - 8 years or 9-11 years. What does it take to become an astronaut? We will investigate with some exciting activities to discover the challenges faced when reaching space.

Rocket Science

£15.50 per Child

Wednesday 3 April: Half day workshops for either ages 6-8 years. How does such a huge rocket actually get off the ground? Why does it "break up" and where do the astronauts sit? Come and find out in this fascinating and fabulously fun workshop and you even get to build and launch your own water rocket.

Lyrids Shooting Stars

£23.50 per Adult

April 20 2024. The debris left behind by the comet Thatcher gives rise to the April Lyrids meteor shower. Join us for an informative talk and some meteor (shooting stars) spotting. If the weather is good you will also have an opportunity to look through the historic telescopes, some of the largest working telescopes in the country.