Themed Evenings

We are looking forward to a packed calendar once more. 

We will again be including a wonderful mix of events and with astronomy close to our hearts there will hopefully be an opportunity to look through our fantastic telescopes, some of the largest working instruments in the country.  


While the Centre makes every effort to accomodate wheel chair users and others with mobility issues, by virtue of the nature of the building (grade II* listed), the telescopes are accessed by steep narrow stairs. If you require further information please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Soundscape – Brighton Film Quartet

Saturday July 14th 2018

The performance will be split into 2 halves with a delicious supper during the interval. To round off the evening you will also have an opportunity to look through the telescopes and spot Jupiter and possibly Saturn. A bar is available.

Soundscape – a concert of sheer escapism with this extraordinary piano quartet. Stunning big-screen visuals, a breathtaking backdrop to the Brighton Film Quartet's hauntingly beautiful cinematic music and multi-layered soundtrack. Classical meets minimalism, with an unexpected twist. Think Einaudi with attitude, Nyman on a night out.

A collaboration of top Brighton filmmakers and the quartet's pianist-composer – lose yourself on a mesmerising journey of the senses. From the hypnotically dreamlike to the intensely powerful, from the magical icescapes of Greenland to a moonlit Venetian sea. From orchestral accents, pulsing drumbeats to traces of triphop... nothing comes close for sheer evocative beauty and electric atmosphere.

A hit last year at the Royal Pavilion and the Brighton Fringe – don’t miss this unforgettable experience. Musicians: Penny Loosemore (piano-composer), Emma Papper (clarinet), Sarah Davison (cello), Lisa De Simone (violin) Filmmakers: Jordan Chandler, Alice Moyle, Hubble, Jayne Wilson, Andy Deighton, Phil Harris, Nick Edwards, Philip Reeve, Justin Hankinson & Jerry Chater Soundscape has been quoted as being: "A class act. Top musicians and beautiful compositions." Julian Caddy, Brighton Fringe Director

Time:    7.00pm - midnight
Cost:     £35 per person


Please phone the Centre on 01323 832731 to secure your places.
Alternatively you can book on
Music Night Saturday 28th July 2018

Time:   7.30pm - midnight
Cost:    £12 pre-booked or £15 on the door 

Join us for a fantastic evening of LIVE Music with critically acclaimed band 'William the Conqueror'

Cornwall trio William the Conqueror have been picking up praise from far flung corners ever since Ruarri Joseph took the step to go public with his erstwhile secret alter-ego. Debut album, Proud Disturber of the Peace, was released in 2017 to widespread critical acclaim and their shows have been steadily winning over fans up and down the country.

Here's what people think:

"a mighty launchpad for what's yet to come" Q

"a thumping Southern rock and Americana grungy gumbo that hits you right between the eyes." Express

"the kind of determination that can only end in glory." Gigsoup 8/10

Please either phone the Centre or visit the EVENTBRITE page to make a booking. Please note that a booking fee will be charged for on-line booking.
Perseids Shooting Stars

Saturday August 11th 2017

The evening will begin with a selection of cheeses and wine and will be followed by an informative talk by our guest speaker Pete Lawrence.

Pete has presented the observing section on the long running BBC Sky at Night television programme since 2004. He also compiles and writes the monthly Sky Guide for the Sky at Night Magazine and the Night Sky column for the Daily Telegraph. He is an expert guide for many aurora and eclipse chasing tours. 

Pete is highly regarded in the world of astrophotography specialising in capturing time specific events like eclipses and meteor showers. Many of his images have been published in books, magazines and in websites across the world. In 2014 he was awarded the Davies Medal for significant contribution in the digital field of imaging science by the Royal Photographic Society. 

Following the talk, weather permitting, you will have the opportunity to try and spot some fast moving meteors with the unaided eye and look through the telescopes at other interesting celestial objects including the magnificent planet Saturn.

The Perseids meteor shower occurs as Earth passes through the outskirts of a cloud of debris from comet Swift-Tuttle. The dust and bits of rock left behind are called meteoroids. As they enter the Earth's atmosphere they 'burn' up with the larger pieces producing bright streams - meteors - that you can see with the unaided eye before they fade away. These bright streams are also known as shooting stars and can be seen from 23rd July until 20th August. The maximum is actually in the early hours of the 13th August when you may see approximately 60-80 shooting stars per hour.

The evening aims to be both informal and informative. If the weather is unsuitable on themed evenings, the talk will go ahead regardless and a comprehensive tour of the telescopes will replace viewing. On the tour you will be taken into domes not open to the public during the day.

Numbers are limited to 100, so book early to secure your place.

Time:     8pm - 12.30am
Cost:      £25 per person


Please phone the Centre on 01323 832731 to secure your places.
Taurid meteor Comets and Curry

Saturday 17th 
November 2018

Come and enjoy a warming curry and an informative talk by a guest speaker. You can also look for shooting stars associated with the Leonids meteor shower as well as the tail end of the Taurids meteor shower (weather permitting). 

The Taurids shower marks the time when the Earth passes through the dust trail of comet Encke. The debris left behind by comet Enke is the largest in the inner solar system and it takes several weeks for the Earth to pass through it giving an extended period of activity; 20th October - 30th November. The peak activity for the Taurids is 12th November so we will only be catching a few bright streaks of light.

The second meteor shower is the Leonids which occurs as Earth passes through the deris trail left behind by comet Tempel-Tuttle. These meteors are very fast and often leave persistent trains behind them. The peak activity is the evening of the 18th November. The natural limits of the shower are over a much shorter duration than for the Taurids; 15th - 20th November.

While we don't use the telescopes to spot meteors, if the weather does permit you will get the chance to look at some other interesting celestial objects through the large telescopes.

The evening aims to be both informal and informative. If the weather is unsuitable on themed evenings, the talk will go ahead regardless and a comprehensive tour of the telescopes will replace viewing.

Numbers are limited to 80, so book early to secure your place. There is a meat and a vegetarian dish but there is NO alternative menu to the curry. A bar will be available on the evening.

Time:   7pm - 11.30pm
Cost:    £32 per person 


Please phone the Centre on 01323 832731 to secure your places.

Please bring a torch with you; preferably red light (these are available in the shop)
How to Book

To make a booking please telephone the Centre and reserve your place using a credit or debit card. On-line booking may be available for specific events. This will be indicated in the relevant section describing the event.

Telephone: 01323 832731

Refund policy: Any refunds will incur a £5 administration charge. Please note; we will not be able to refund any bookings within 7 days of the event taking place.
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