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The Observatory Science Centre
East Sussex
BN27 1RN
Tel: 01323 832731
Fax: 01323 832741

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Temporary Exhibitions

Two of the galleries house temporary exhibitions which are changed throughout the year giving the visitor a different experience.

Availability of the Temporary Exhibitions during 2019*

Shocking Electricity (January to May)

Puzzles and Illusions (January to May)

*Please note that the temporary exhibitions are subject to change at short notice and the dates when they are on display may vary. If you are coming to the Centre specifically to see a particular exhibition it is always best to phone the Centre in advance to check if that exhibition is current.

Shocking Electricity (January to May)

Sparks will fly in this exhibition of weird and wonderful experiments for all ages. All the key elements for a Frankenstein laboratory and more! Make an explosion using just water, experiment with batteries and generators, magnets and plasma globes, and see if you dare touch the electric fence.
Puzzles and Illusions

To complete some of these puzzles you have to think about shapes and the way different parts fit together. Engineers and designers have to be good at this sort of thinking too. Scientists learn about the brain by studying ‘illusions' - the way our senses play tricks onus.