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The Observatory Science Centre
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Temporary Exhibitions

Two of the galleries house temporary exhibitions which are changed throughout the year giving the visitor a different experience.

Availability of the Temporary Exhibitions during 2017*

Life (January to 19th April)

Ancient Wisdom (January to 27th April)

Arts of Art (19th April to end of August)

Medieval Machines (27th April to end of August)

Shocking Electricity (September to end of Season)

Puzzles and Illusions (September to end of Season)

*Please note that the temporary exhibitions are subject to change at short notice and the dates when they are on display may vary. If you are coming to the Centre specifically to see a particular exhibition it is always best to phone the Centre in advance to check if that exhibition is current.

Ancient Wisdom (January to 27th April)

Find out what the ancients did for us. Shoot down a castle wall with a Roman catapult and see how the Egyptians locked their doors. Build an aqueduct to guide water to a village and try the Greek way of using the Sun to burn the enemy's ships. There is art and music as well and you can even write your name in hieroglyphics.
The Arts of Art (19th April to end of August)

This exhibition reveals the techniques, tricks and trade of the art world from perspective to lighting, to composition. It looks into some of the major developments in the art world and how they shaped what people painted, how they painted it and what they painted with.
Medieval Machines (27th April to end of August)

Most people see the medieval period as an era of unsophisticated squalor, but it was in reality a period of great creativity and development. During the period many of the basic technologies which underpinned the renaissance and later the industrial revolution were first developed, while at the same time innovations from Roman times were rediscovered and refined. Some of them are so fundamental today that we hardly realise they were once major technological advances.

By giving people a hands-on opportunity to explore these technologies first-hand the exhibition is intended to give people an insight into the roots of modern technology and allow them to better appreciate the inventiveness of our ancestors. It will also help them gain a better understanding of history by letting people explore medieval innovations and get an idea of how these would have affected peoples lives in the period and after.
Shocking Electricity (September to end of Season)

Sparks will fly in this exhibition of weird and wonderful experiments for all ages. All the key elements for a Frankenstein laboratory and more! Make an explosion using just water, experiment with batteries and generators, magnets and plasma globes, and see if you dare touch the electric fence.
Puzzles and Illusions

To complete some of these puzzles you have to think about shapes and the way different parts fit together. Engineers and designers have to be good at this sort of thinking too. Scientists learn about the brain by studying ‘illusions' - the way our senses play tricks onus.
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