Operation Earth

What is Operation Earth?

Our world is changing and with the knowledge and expertise of environmental scientists we can investigate how and why this is happening and what the future may hold. To celebrate the wonders of this amazing environmental research, the Natural Environmental Research Council (NERC) has partnered with the UK Association for Science and Discovery Centres (ASDC) to deliver exciting and engaging activities for families at Science Centres throughout the UK.

We are very proud to have been chosen as one of the 11 Science Centres taking part in this fascinating project. It is a two-year national programme to engage, inspire and involve families and young people with environmental science, promoting the many exciting roles and diversity of skills within this sector.

Through Operation Earth we are going to find out why Earthy is feeling a little under the weather. Join us and expert scientists as we investigate what is bothering Earthy. Become a trainee environmental scientist and help us investigate Earthy's land, air and oceans, and see if together we can identify and find solutions to Earthy's problems

We will be delivering Operation Earth shows and activities throughout the year:
  • We have already started our quest with February half term family shows; these were great fun
  • British Science Week Activity weekend is taking place on the 17th and 18th March and alongside the Operation Earth family shows there will be a host of extra Operation Earth activities plus other exciting things to do, including 'Meet the NERC Scientists.'
  • There will be another chance to get involved with the Operation Earth activities during the May half term week 
  • Family Operation Earth shows will be presented throughout the summer holidays. 
Environmental scientists help us understand our changing planet and research over a period of time has helped us to identify patterns of change. There are a broad range of skills and areas of interest that environmental science covers and there is a role for everyone; from fieldwork to engineering, data analysis to satellite applications.

Everyone can investigate and explore their natural environment and while we look at why the Earth is changing we can also look at how we can help keep Earthy happy. It is not all doom and gloom; our Earth is a fabulous place to live!

Find out more by visitng the Operation Earth website.