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Chemistry Festival 2011

NEW for 2011 

"Curious about Chemistry? Come and Have a Go!"

A Chemistry Festival weekend to help celebrate The International Year of Chemistry

The festival is being supported by the following. We wish to thank all supporters for their generosity in helping us to host this event.
The Royal Society of Chemistry
The Royal Society of Chemistry Support through the Public Activities Small Grant awards.
Scientific & Chemicals Supplies Ltd
Scientific & Chemicals Supplies Ltd Through in kind donations and the work they do with Philip Morton for the Forensics workshops.
Proposed Programme of activities#

Forensic Investigations Workshops 

Philip Morton Product Development Manager at Scientific & Chemical Supplies Ltd. (SciChem) will be presenting interactive forensics workshops. Philip and SciChem won the prestigious Lord Stafford award in 2010 for their forensics workshops in schools.  

Philip will be presenting these award winning half hour interactive forensics workshops for 6-10 yrs, 11+ yrs and adults on both days of the festival. The workshops will be based around the main principles of forensic science and crime scene analysis. They will include practical demonstrations and hands-on activities such as forensic investgation of blood and fingerprints. The programme for the workshops is as follows (subject to change): 


11am              6-10 year olds
12noon           11+ year olds
2pm                6-10 year olds
3pm                11+ year olds
4pm                Adults

Sunday (to be confirmed)

11am              6-10 year olds
12noon           11+ year olds
1.30pm           6-10 year olds
2.30pm          11+ year olds

There will be a maximum 20 places per workshop (plus accompanying adults for the children's sessions). This will be on a strictly first come first served basis and cannot be booked before the festival weekend.

Interactive Chemistry Shows Open to All

Saturday and Sunday

11am             "Chaotic Chemistry" 
1pm               "Chaotic Chemistry" 
3pm               "Chaotic Chemistry" 

Scientific and Chemical Inspiring Innovation

Saturday and Sunday

The SciChem stand will include interactive hands-on activities such as looking through microscopes, chemistry catch ball, molecule making and investigating smart materials.

Slime Station & pH Table

Saturday and Sunday

Drop in chemistry activities with The Observatory Science Centre

"Chemistry in the colours of Nature"  

Saturday and Sunday

Drop in activities with The Observatory Science Centre exploring chemistry in nature and our environment. Investigate colours in butterflies and beyond!

# Subject to change