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2022: Spring Comets & Curry Event with Notebook & Pen


Spring Comets & Curry Event: 23rd April 2022

Time: 7.30 pm to midnight

Maximum 80 places: Adults only.

Spring Comets & Curry Event Gift Package includes:

Lenticular notebook: lined pages, wire bound, 11 cms x  14.5 cms, cellophane wrapped
Exclusive Science Centre pen: outer colours vary
Exclusive Science Centre card with envelope: blank for your own message

The April Lyrid Meteor Shower is active between April 16 and April 25 every year and will peak in 2022 on April 22.

The radiant of the meteor shower is located in the constellation Lyra, near this constellation's brightest star, Vega.  It is the oldest recorded Meteor Shower and according to some historical Chinese texts, the shower was seen over 2,500 years ago; no other modern shower has been recorded as far back in time. The source of the meteor shower is particles of dust shed by the long-period Comet C/1861 G1 Thatcher, which takes about 415 years to orbit around the Sun. The comet is expected to be visible from Earth again in 2276.

The April Lyrids are the strongest annual shower of meteors from debris of a long-period comet, mainly because as far as other intermediate long-period comets go (200–10,000 years) this one has a relatively short orbital period. Counts typically range from 5 to 20 meteors per hour, averaging around 10. As a result of light pollution, observers in rural areas will see more than observers in a city. Nights without a moon in the sky will reveal the most meteors so this year it is ideal with the peak occurring just before last quarter so we will not see the Moon at all during the evening. April Lyrid meteors are usually quite bright at around magnitude +2. However, some meteors can be brighter; known as "Lyrid fireballs", they can cast shadows for a split second and leave behind smokey debris trails that last minutes.

Even though we will have passed the peak we will hopefully see some of these shooting stars during the evening starting off in the northeast at low altitude.

While we don't use the telescopes to spot meteors, if the weather does permit you will get a chance to look at some other interesting celestial objects through the large telescopes. 

The evening aims to be both informal and informative with a talk presented by a guest speaker. If the weather is unsuitable on themed evenings, the talk will go ahead regardless and a comprehensive tour of the telescopes will replace viewing. 

There is a meat or vegetarian curry but there is NO alternative menu to the curry. The curry will be served with rice, naan bread and poppadoms.  A bar will be available on the evening. 

There is a meat or vegetarian curry but there is no alternative menu to the curry. The curry will be served with rice, naan bread and poppadoms.  A bar will be available on the evening. 


  • Gates will open at 7.30 pm to be ready to serve the curry at 7.45pm.
  • We recommend that you bring a torch (preferably red light if you have one) and please wear warm clothing and sensible, warm footwear.
  • No refund can be issued for cancellations within 7 days of the event. If you wish to cancel and it is prior to 7 days before the event, there will be a £5 administration charge which will be taken off the refund. For any event transfer request, there will be a £5 administration charge.
  • Parking is on the parking field at the front of The Centre: You will be informed of alternative parking if our usual grass parking area has had to be closed.
  • If using Sat Nav, please use ‘Wartling Road’ and NOT our postcode.
  • If you are a blue badge holder, there are 5 parking bays available at the back of the science centre, adjacent to our ramped entrance. Please be aware that there are high walkways and domes are accessed by steep narrow stairs.
  • Please let us know of any special dietary requirements including vegetarian/vegan/gluten free. We will try our best to accommodate but cannot cater for every individual need.
  • Please specify if your booking is with friends/family so we can make sure you are seated together.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not cancel Evening events in the event of poor weather. 

The Observatory Science Centre reserves the right to cancel an event due to low numbers, in which case an alternative date or full refund would be given. 

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