Special Events

We have many extra events and activities throughout the year on top of what we already offer during your daytime visit. We continue to expand the programme of special events so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

We have split the special events into Weekend Activities, Themed Evenings and Christmas Events to help make it easier for you to navigate your way around and find that special something you are looking for.

Weekend Activities

This year the theme running throughout the programme is Operation Earth. With funding from the NERC through the Association of Science and Discovery Centres (ASDC) we are able to offer a brand new science show and extra activities with NERC experts. Look out for these in the 'What's on' section.

We will be hosting Operation Earth activities during the Activity Weekend in March to celebrate the end of British Science Week then we will be following this with our Bubbletastic weekend at the beginning of May.  International SUNday is on the 24th June this year when we hope for a sunny day so we can look at the Sun safely through our very special solar telescopes. 

There is NO EXTRA COST for the activities on these weekends/days; they are all part of your normal admission into the Centre.

Please see the separate Weekend Activities page for further updates.

Themed Evenings

The themes of our evenings have become quite diverse! The usual astronomy related evenings are still very popular and remain as stalwarts on our calendar of events but we like to try new things.

Our curry evening in November is always a sell out so we tried another curry event in 2016 and again in 2017; this time with beer! This proved to be very popular and we will be offering our Science of Beer event again this year.   

Our murder mystery event is also very popular so we tried a corporate Murder Mystery Christmas party special which turned out to be a fabulous evening of mayhem, fun and intrigue. What better place to solve a murder than among the domes and telescopes of this wonderful historic site?

Music events are proving to be a hit too so our evening with the 'Soundscape' quartet is being repeated and new for 2018 will be our summer of adult 'Lates.' We are offering 3 events hence the title The Summer Triangle when we will be offering different themes including music.

All in all there is something for everyone and we are sure that you will find your special event, so come along and join us. for further information see Themed Evenings

Christmas Events

This year we are again celebrating the festive season with our wonderful Christmas Songs by Starlight. This event has a magical quality and hopefully, with everything crossed you will experience a fun-filled festive evening under starry skies and have an opportunity to look through our telescopes; some of the largest historic telescopes in the country. Look at the Christmas Events page for further information.

On Friday 16th November, the Centre will reopen at 6.30pm to try and spot some shooting stars associated with the Leonids meteor shower. This meteor shower occurs when Earth passes through the debris trail of comet Tempel-Tuttle and gives rise to fast moving meteors between November 15th - 20th. The peak time for the shower is actually on November 18th. In addition Earth is also moving through the debris trail left by comet Encke, which gives rise to the Taurids meteor shower. These meteors are slower moving meteors and occur between October 20th - November 30th, with a maximum on 12th November. Come and join us and take the opportunity to spot these shooting stars as well as looking through some of the country's historic telescopes (weather permitting) at some interesting deep sky objects. Please note if the weather is unsuitable for viewing there is a cloudy night contingency plan with a planetarium style talk guiding you through the stars that can be seen at this time of the year. If you are intending to visit during the day on the 16th November then you are entitled to a special offer admission in the evening of just £5 per person on production of your entrance receipt.
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