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The Observatory Science Centre
East Sussex
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Schools Indoor Interactive Exhibits

The main ground floor corridor of The Centre is home to approx. 90 educationally designed hands-on interactive exhibits which can be enjoyed at a variety of levels and no prior scientific knowledge is required. 

During your visit you 'free-flow' through the corridor so you can vary the amount of time you spend in any particular exhibition area.

If you have booked a tour / show / workshop, you will be timetabled to the hands-on corridor inbetwen the other activites (and lunch / shop!).

Time interacting with the exhibits will motivate pupils and stimulates their interest by offering first hand experiences (through seeing, hearing and feeling what happens) of ideas & principles that help science make sense!

Some of the areas have permanent themed exhibitions of Light & Colour, Astronomy, Forces and Earth & Beyond.

Additional spaces are changed through the year and feature Science Projects travelling exhibitions. The themes may be Senses, Puzzles & Illusions, Medieval Machines, Good Vibrations, Shocking Electricity, The Arts of Art or Ancient Wisdom.

When making a booking, please ask for the latest information on current exhibits and check the Exhibit calendar on this web site.
Each exhibit has an explainer which informs the user, not only of how to use the exhibit, but of what is happening and why. The exhibits reinforce previous knowledge and support work back in the classroom. Many pupils will ‘play' with the exhibits and not even realise that they are learning at the same time.  Others will suddenly understand a previously learnt scientific principle when they experience an exhibit in action.

Teachers tell us time & time again that whatever the children experience during their visit, is remembered and used long after the day has past.
Permanent Exhibitions Risk Assessment
Shocking Electricity Risk Assessment
Puzzles and Illusions Risk Assessment