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Evening Courses

Courses for 2014

Would you like to learn how to recognize the constellations and navigate your way around the night sky? Would you like to learn more about cosmology, the solar system or life in the Universe? Would you like to learn how to take some amazing images of celestial objects? Are you beyond the beginner stage but are still looking to further your knowledge? The Science Centre is running 4 different courses in 2014 to try and answer these questions and much more.
STAR SEARCH (Spring and Autumn)

Booking is essential for all courses.

See How to Book
Further Astronomy

A six week course for intermediates

This six-week course builds on the basic foundation provided by introductory courses and aims to provide a good overview of modern astronomy and astrophysics.

The course will discuss how modern science is applied to developing our understanding of a wide range of astronomical objects and other, more exotic astrophysical phenomena, and how these fit together into processes currently believed to be operating in the Universe.

The focus is on modern ideas and results, observations and theories. We shall discuss some of the basic science behind how we know what we know, or think we know, about different types of stars, nebulae and galaxies, how and why they evolve throughout their lives, and how they have helped to create our own life-bearing environment on the Earth.

Some basic science about astronomical observations over the whole electromagnetic spectrum, telescopes, detectors and spectroscopy, will be introduced to provide an idea of how astronomers go about finding out information about objects in deep space. We shall also explore some cutting-edge, frontier topics including active galaxies, exotic astrophysical processes, relativity, cosmology, and the origin and possible fate of the Universe.

No previous science or maths knowledge is required but some familiarity with basic astronomy is assumed.
Time:7.30pm - 9.30pm
Dates:February 5th - March 12th (Wednesdays)


Cost for 6 lectures is £75 
Course lecturer: William Joyce 
Numbers are limited to 25 people per course so book early! We recommend warm clothing for all evening courses and a red light torch if you have one.
Star Search

Two four week courses held in Spring and Autumn

These courses are designed to look at the whole sky using the naked eye. They will help you recognise the most prominent constellations so you can use them to navigate your way around the night sky. In ancient times many stories were attached to the constellations and we will explore some of these mythologies. You will learn about the Moon and planets and there will be a brief introduction to some deeper sky objects that are often spotted through binoculars. You will also learn how to use a planisphere and star maps. We recommend that you bring a red light torch if you have one and wrap up warmly.

The course is partly classroom based but it is hoped that, weather permitting, there will be plently of opportunity to translate what has been learned indoors to the actual night sky on clear evenings.
The Centre’s shop sells planispheres and many useful guides to the night sky and will be open on each evening. 
Time:   7.30pm-9.30pm
Spring:   March 11th, 18th, 25th & 1st April (Tuesdays)
Autumn:  October 16th, 23rd, 30th & 6th November (Thursdays) 
Cost of one 4-week course is £55

Course lecturer: Dr. Sandra Voss

Numbers are limited to 25 people per course so book early!

We recommend warm clothing for all evening courses and a red light torch if you have one.

A five week course for beginners 

By popular demand this course has been extended from a 4 week course to a five week course. Presented by an external astro-imager, this course will introduce you to the world of Astrophotography. This is a classroom based course where you will learn how to capture and process images of the Moon, planets, nebulae and distant galaxies using webcams and digital SLRs. You are given comprehensive notes so you can easily practice in your own time. Please note that due to the numbers of people attending the course this is not a practical course. However, Richie is a very competent astro-imager and will be able to give you hints and tips throughout the course if you have your own specific queries. 
Time:8.00pm - 10.00pm
Dates:September 16th - 30th and October 7th - 14th (Tuesdays)


Cost for one 5-week course is £85
Course lecturer: Richie Jarvis.
Numbers are limited to 25 people per course so book early!

We recommend warm clothing for all evening courses and a red light torch if you have one.
Astronomy for Beginners

A twelve week course for beginners (with the option of one extra 13th week!)

This course is suitable for those with little or no knowledge of the subject. During the course you will be introduced to the basic techniques used in astronomy and construct your own simple telescope. You will learn about the solar system, our place in the Universe, comets and meteorites. You will be introduced to cosmology, life and death of stars, time and its importance in astronomy and discuss life in the Universe. The course also includes a lecture on and visit to the Space Geodesy Facility where they track satellites using powerful lasers. This course is also designed so that you can take advantage of the Centre's historic telescopes. Viewing is of course weather permitting and due to the nature of the course content it may also not be possible because of time constraints. However, if the weather is good there should be plenty of opportunities for you to look through a large telescope during the 13 weeks.  
Time:7.30pm - 9.30pm
Dates:September 17th - December 3rd (Wednesdays)


Cost for 12 lectures is £130 (NO extra charge for the 13th lecture on 10th December)
Course lecturers: Dr. Sandra Voss, Dr. Roger Wood, William Joyce and Victoria Smith (SGF).
Numbers are limited to 25 people per course so book early! We recommend warm clothing for all evening courses and a red light torch if you have one.
Booking is essential for all courses

How to Book

To make a booking you can telephone and reserve your place using a credit or debit card. Alternatively download, print and complete a Booking Form (found at the top of this page) and send it to the address below with your cheque made payable to Science Projects Ltd. Please check availability by phoning The Centre before sending in a booking form.

If you are sending a Booking Form and / or cheque, please post to:

The Observatory Science Centre
East Sussex
BN27 1RN 

Please make cheques payable to Science Projects Ltd
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Telephone: 01323 832731
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